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Series Icons
Welcome to Series Icons. This is a community created to share icons made from your favorites series. Whether you are an icon maker or someone who like watching series, you're more than welcome to join.


· Post series related icons only, please;
· Post your icons here or link to a post containing the icons that are in your journal/community;
Remember: Do not link to a friends-only post.
· Use a LJ cut when posting more than 3 or 4 icons;
· Always tag your post. See all the tags here. You can create new tags, if it's necessary (e.g. if you're posting Lost icons and there isn't a tag named Lost, you must create it);
· Put icons with swearing, nudity, etc behind a LJ cut and preferably put a warning on your post;
· Don't make a post with just one icon. Wait until you have more icons made and then post them all together;
· Do not request icons here;
· Be respectful, please.

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Series Icons
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